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… our logo was created by 7-years old David with Down Syndrome? He copied letters with a paintbrush and smiled at us. Maybe this boy won’t be a famous scientist or singer. But he can be a happy member of our society… if the society accepts him with his handicap.

… through our association you can contribute towards educational tools, therapeutical and rehabilitation procedures, and free-time activities for handicapped children in Kosice and Kosice neighborhood? For more information, please contact as at ebocekova@yahoo.com.

….February 20th 2005 was our big day? In the House of Art in Kosice, at 6.00 p.m. we recited and song . All this with famous music groups from Slovakia - I.M.T Smile, Desmod and Zuzana Smatanova. You didn’t know? Please, read more….

there are websites which are accessible also for visually impaired people? On our home page in the Slovak version you can see link “Textova verzia stranky”. This version of the website is without pictures, has a large print and static texts. Because of these characteristics, also visually impaired people can read it. Do you have your own website which offers information for general public? Please, try to make a version for those, who cannot read a small print and dynamic texts. We would be happy to assist you!

... On 14th – 22th May you can see our art works in AIDA – confectionary and Eastern Slovak Gallery, which includes Talent Forum action – Spring 2005.
On Saturday 14th May we are going to present cultural programme with our healthy children at „Dolná brána“ in Košice. In the afternoon are going to some masks .