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We are the civic association Smile at me!

We are parents, teachers and doctors of extraordinary children. They are extraordinary because, given their handicaps, they have to make more effort compared to their non-handicapped mates. But because of their handicap they can also discover their extraordinary abilities and skills.

As members of the association, we promote integration of auditory, visually, mentally and physically handicapped children and the youth into society. We teach them how to utilize their abilities; we help them to get acquainted with the world around them. Organizing various sporting and cultural events we create opportunities through which they can experience common pleasures as intact children. We offer support to parents of handicapped children. Through various activities, which increase public awareness, we break barriers between intact and extraordinary people.

Every day we meet people who are short on some abilities, but blessed with other gifts. Some handicaps are visible, some are hidden deeply in a person’s heart. If you want to discover a smile on the face of those who are extraordinary, smile at them!

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